Off-Line Robot Programming: MotoSim EG


Introducing the new and improved MotoSim EG (Motoman Simulation System with Enhanced Graphics). Now it's even easier to visualize, test, and program your robotic system straight from your PC. With the MotoSim EG, you can save time and expense by working out the kinks virtually, not on your shop floor.

The MotoSim EG is available in three different versions. First, the MotoSim EG Viewer package allows users to review and play back simulations. These unique features allow the simulations to be shared with coworkers and customers. The second package, MotoSim EG Lite, is a streamlined version that covers cycle calculations, collision detection, and reach analysis (no new system layouts). Third, the MotoSim EG standard package allows the user to simulate program off-line, work with CAD files and add system layouts.

The MotoSim EG is compatible with most of the Motoman controllers, including the MRC, XRC, and ERC.

Interested in a MotoSim EG or another programming system? Contact RobotWorx at 877-762-6881 or online for more information.

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