RAMTEC is Preparing the Next Generation in Robotics


The robotics division is advancing at ridiculously fast speeds, quickly becoming enveloped in smart software, sensors, and EOATs. Yet, as intelligent as these technologies are becoming, they still depends on human capability to help and oversee daily operation. Sophisticated software ultimately depends on interface with humans. They still need to be programmed. All of this reflects the fact that education of these skills to the rising generation, the ones who will be even more immersed in technology then we are, is so very important. It is imperative.

Enter RAMTEC. The Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing Technology Education Collaborative, located in Marion, Ohio, is working hard to do just that. They are working hard to bring needed robotic manufacturing skills by teaching programming with a variety of manufacturers such as Fanuc, Motoman, and Universal Robots (collaborative series).

“It’s important that kids start understanding the concept of robotics,” says Ritch Ramey, RAMTEC Engineering Coordinator. “We’re going to see it expand probably tenfold in the use of robots over the next 15 to 20 years. They should at least know the basics of robotics.”

Programming of robots and the details of the entire software platforms, is a heavy part in the curriculum at RAMTEC. So, all nine RAMTEC sites in Ohio will enable students to complete the software training to earn the following credentials:

Fanuc Handling Tool Operation and Programming certification

Yaskawa Motoman DX100 Basic Programming certification

Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate

Auto CAD Certified Professional

Offline programming, helping to keep the robots constantly online, is also a very valuable knowledge tool to carry. So RAMTEC teaches students using virtual software with ROBOGUIDE or MotoSim.

Additionally, students will learn the necessary building blocks for future engineers or robotics technicians, such as robotic welding, PLCs hydraulics, pneumatics, CNCs,computer-aided design, 3D printing, and expected to be added soon are vision and the Cisco platform.

There are multiple opportunities to conduct hands-on training with robots as there is typically a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. Students can practice using the mobile education cards and with large payload robots. Most of the training is done on a teach pendant, which is rare and a huge advantage when compared to all of the other robotic education options.

Companies also need those trained in robotics to design and engineer new systems for manufacturing customers. They can learn these skills from RAMTEC, where high school and adult students will be able to train with simulators and real industrial robots to gain important experience that will take them far in the manufacturing workplace.

As you can see, RAMTEC is doing an incredible job of keeping up with the quickly advancing and inter-connected industrial world. “Our students have to do exactly what the industry people do,” says Ramey, an instructor. “The same amount of time, same assignments, same e-learning, and same tests to get their credentialing.” Fortunately, the Ohio Department of Education is beyond supportive and helping RAMTEC thrive by graciously giving them a third round of Straight A grants, adding up to $6 million total.

RAMTEC hopes to continue extending its locations and its growth and development in career development for advanced manufacturing and robotics. Its ultimate goal is to help close the skills gap in automation by teaching students of all ages and skill levels how to best operate and evolve with the robotics revolution.

It is easy to see that the factory of the future is quickly advancing, growing, and evolving. As technology continues to develop and reshape the way the world conquers automation manufacturing, RAMTEC is stepping up to the plate to maek sure that students are ready to handle the necessary job tasks of the future.

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