Record Robot Sales in North America So Far for 2016


The robotic industry is becoming widely innovative, producing consistent and quality products, and giving companies a competitive advantage for a wide variety of applications across the world. It is not too late to integrate industrial robotics; in fact, there is no better time, than now!

The proof is in the North American sales statistics; it is estimated that 2016 will go down in the books for record breaking robot orders and shipments in North America. Overall, North American companies have ordered a value of $1.3 billion robots (around 23,985 robots) just in the first nine months of 2016! This is a 7% increase in units and 3% increase in dollars when compared to 2015, which held the previous record.  According to RIA, there are around 269,000 robots in North American factories, third to Japan and China.  

RIA states that these record sales were driven by the strong demand from automotive OEMs and component suppliers. In this industry alone, robot orders were up 14% before the year’s end. In addition, the food and consumer foods industry continues to increase by an astonishing 40%, every year.

Another big indicator of the rising interest in robotics is the growth seen in the membership of RIA and their networking events.  Memberships are up around the globe and there was record attendance, by companies of all sizes and interests, at the National Robot Safety conference and International Collaborative Robots Workshop.  

RIA is looking forward to record attendance at the Automate 2017 trade show in Chicago, already estimating a 20% increase than the one in 2015. This tradeshow is also expected to include small and medium sized companies who are beginning to realize the benefits and further explore their automation options as things become more affordable.  Check out the Automate 2017 show here

It is now apparent that this world is aware and eager to learn more about all of the benefits automation has to offer. It seems as if a wide range of manufacturers continue to be very interested in keeping up with and learning about the latest innovations that are continuing to expand, worldwide.  Up is the only way to go from here; when a manufacturer integrates industrial robots they instantly add creativity, incredible product quality, and high speeds to their product line. 

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