Robot Maintenance: Grease and Robotic Gears


Grease allows industrial robotic arms to function properly, smoothly, and withstand wear. Replacing robot grease is an important step in RobotWorx' total reconditioning process. Depending on the robot model, routine robot maintenance requires working with grease.

Here are the facts on this messy but extremely important robot ingredient...

Greasing Robots with Planetary Gear Reduction Units

Different greases are used for different mechanical components and different maintenance tasks. 

Robots with planetary gear reduction units require grease replenishment every year. This process involves pumping the old grease out of the gear by inputting new grease into the unit. Planetary gear reduction units also require re-greasing when they are replaced.

Molywhite grease is available from RobotWorx in both tubes and 5-gallon buckets.


Many manufacturer are switching from Molywhite to superior VIGO grease. RobotWorx sells both types.

Greasing Robots with Harmonic Drives

Robots with harmonic drives rarely require grease replacement. When they do need regreasing (perhaps when a motor is replaced), a different, thick grease is used.

SK-1: SK-1 is a Motoman grease used for robots with harmonic drives.

HC1A - HC-1A grease was made for Panasonic industrial robots.

Other Grease:

Alvania EP-2: A few other robot components also require greasing. For bearings and link arms, the "wheel bearing grease" standby is Alvania EP-2.

Affordable Robot Grease 

RobotWorx offers robot grease for all your robot maintenance needs. Contact the parts department online or at 740-251-4312 for pricing and information. 

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