Six Reasons to Choose Waterjet Robots

Waterjet robots

Waterjet robots are a force to be reckoned with. They are able to cut through a multitude of materials - metals, plastics, carpet, food, etc. with their high pressure stream of water. Because of this versatility and other unique characteristics, waterjet robots are fast becoming the preferred application for a wide range of industries.

How Water Jets Work:

Waterjet EOAT channels a high-pressured jet of water (40,000-60,000 pounds per square inch) through a small opening. Sometimes garnet is added to the stream of water to make the jet even more abrasive. The stream of high-pressure water wears the material away quickly and cleanly. Combining the power of water and the flexibility of automation, they offer multiple advantages.

Six Advantages to Waterjet Robots:

  1. Speed: The waterjet EOAT is much lighter than laser cutters, making the processes even faster.
  2. Accuracy: The precision of a waterjet, together with the repeatability of the articulated robot provide incredible accuracy and control. On a related note, the waterjet provides precision cuts without any raw edges.
  3. Flexibility: Waterjet robots offer incredible versatility. In the automotive industry, for instance, trim die cuts are created for each part. With waterjet technology, changing parts frequently is no hassle.
  4. Eco-Friendly: These robots keep it green. This application won't leave hazardous wastes behind; they don't use any chemical solvents and the precision leads to less wasted product. Plus, the water can be constantly reused due to a closed-loop system.
  5. Heat-Free: Unlike plasma and laser cutting processes, waterjet applications do not create a HAZ or heat affected zone, so materials are not damaged during the process.
  6. No Dust/Smoke: Instead of the dust and mess created with robotic router cutting, waterjet makes a clean cut. This way you save time and effort cleaning the workspace. A dustless environment is simply healthier. Waterjets do not create smoke like plasma and laser cutting. It goes without saying that vaporized materials like vinyl and fiberglass are not safe.


These robots are ideally suited for cutting, drilling, material removal, and cleaning applications. Waterjet robots are currently seen in several industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, food, textile and packaging.

Contact RobotWorx:

There is no doubt that a waterjet robot system will improve the quality of your product and minimize waste. Interested in a waterjet robot? RobotWorx sells new and reconditioned waterjet robots from Motoman, Fanuc, KUKA, and ABB. Each robot can be customized to meet the customer's needs. All of the reconditioned robots have undergone a very rigorous refurbishment process. To get started with your very own water jet system, contact RobotWorx online or at 877-762-6881.

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