Spotlight on RemovalTool FANUC Software


As a FANUC Robotics Authorized Integrator, RobotWorx is able to provide customers with legal software solutions for every application need. RemovalTool is one of FANUC Robotics' application software solutions. It is specifically designed to streamline and simplify material removal such as deburringgrinding, deflashing, and cutting.

This FANUC software solution provides a headache free way to achieve edging and surface finishing perfection.  To use Removal Tool software all you need is a compatible FANUC robot, controller, and force control device.

Robot Options: 

RemovalTool software will integrate with the majority of FANUC Robotics' 6-axis models, especially those which are best suited for these types of applications including the FANUC M-6iBM-16iBM-710iC, and R-2000iB.

Controller Options: 

This material removal software is compatible with R-J3 controller or later.

Force Control Device: 

FANUC's RemovalTool can accommodate passive wrist, active, wrist, and passive bench force control devices, allowing for a great deal of application versatility.  This enables a cost-effective solution for robotic surface and edge finishing applications. 


RemovalTool allows operators and programmers to have greater control over removal applications and force devices. The force device can be tested and the amount of force changed using only the teach pendant. Another feature of RemovalTool minimizes wear on abrasive wheels. 

The increased control made possible with RemovalTool improves product quality, reducing waste/redos. FANUC's software allows for either offline programming in addition to more traditional programming methods. Programming is faster and easy to learn with the FANUC Robotics' menu-driven teach pendant interface. Plus, RemovalTool allows for faster application set-up.

For robotic edge and surface finishing solutions, contact RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312.

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