Super Robots to the Rescue


Super robots are nothing short of superheroes among the manufacturing industry.  They bring extraordinary powers, intelligence, and abilities to the production line.  Dressed in similar bright, easily identifiable, painted “costumes" as are our well-known superheroes, super robots truly posses a heroic work ethic. They bring a loyalty and commitment to tackle the villain of anti-productivity and get your specific job done. Just like our beloved superheroes, super robots possess the same motivation and sense of responsibility to get the job done, a fighting spirit, and commitment to saving your life (your time and product quality).  

These heroic super robots are also always willing to tackle whatever may lie ahead, swooping in to save the day, every day, 24/7, with no lunch breaks or vacations required.  

At RobotWorx, we have love for all shapes, sizes, and colors of robots. However, if we were to pick some of our toughest, strongest, and most flexible robots in the industry, we would create a team as follows. 

FANUC Super Robot

Our lineup of super robots includes one of the world’s largest and strongest six-axis robots, the the FANUC M-2000iA. This robot has no shortage of superhero-like traits. It is rated the world’s strongest wrist axes, with ‘Best-in-Class” moments and inertia and can handle one of the highest payloads at 2300 kg. The M-2000iA also has one of the longest vertical strokes, enabling lifting or transferring more than 6.2 meters, and horizontal stroke longer than 8.2 meters. 

The M-2000iA comes in multiple payload options.  Its electric servo-driven and modular construction provides superior reliability when compared to fixed automation. It was engineered for applications that traditional robots cannot tackle and provides rigid construction that helps to provide stability for the transfer of super-heavy parts.  

It has built-in support for machine vision applications to help with robot guidance and error proofing. Safety is a non-issue, providing the highest level for E-Stop and Fence Stop with the Dual-Check Safety (DCS) function. The DCS helps to support safety monitoring of robot position and speed.  Paired with the iPendant, this robot is super easy to program and has a custom cell user interface design.

All of these attributes enable this FANUC super robot to handle a variety of manufacturing and systems processes such as drop-lifting, material handling, machine tool loading/unloading, large fabrication handling, large sheet or panel handling, glass handling, or casting operations.

Motoman Super Robot

The world is a much better and safer place when superheroes and super robots combine their powers and form a super heroic team. So our team at RobotWorx chose a super robot that doesn't have great strength, but great dexterity and flexibility. The 15-axis Motoman SDA10D dual arm robot brings just that. The SDA10D offers manufacturer’s human-like flexibility, a slim design, and a compact footprint.  Each arm can handle up to 10 kg payload and synchronously work together or simultaneously perform independent tasks.

It’s the perfect robotic solution for multiple types of applications with its powerful actuator based design, high wirst performance, and fully integrated supply cables. These applications can range from  assemblypart transfermachine tendingpackaging, and other handling tasks that in the past could only be completed by people. The SDA10D can be paired with the DX100 or NX100 robot controller for ultimate multiple axis control (up to 8 robots). 

ABB Super Robot

To bring more power, strength, functionality and expertise to this super robot team, we have selected the ABB IRB 8700. The ABB IRB 8700 is the market’s best performing high payload robot (800 kg) with the lowest total cost of ownership. It brings a very long reach (3.5 meters) and has ABB’s superior motion control technology to help adjust to speed and accommodate heavy and wide parts.  Despite being a large robot, it maintains a small, compact footprint, optimized counterweight, parallel linkages, stiff axes, and fewer drive motors to keep its momentum down and speed up.  These attributes combine to also help deliver shorter cycle times and higher accuracy.

The IRB 8700 is available in two different configurations (550kg payload/4.2m reach and 800kg payload/3.5m reach), each with a high moment of inertia at 725 kgm2.   

KUKA Super Robot

We round out the super robot team with one of  the largest and strongest robots in the world, the KUKA KR 1000 Titan. The Titan is so strong, it recently earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records under the “World’s Strongest Robot.” 

This 6-axis robot brings production planners the speed and dynamics they have previously dreamed of. It has a total of nine motors which can deliver the power of a mid-sized car. It also features a robust steel base frame. With a 1,000 kg payload and 3200 mm reach, the KR Titan was designed to handle extremely heavy lifting and manipulation applications for things such as building materials and automotive and foundry industries. The KUKA KR Titan can be put into applications what previously required 2 robots, helping to save valuable floor space and increase the overall efficiency.  Furthermore, the KUKA titan can withstand a static torque of 60,000 newton meters (Nm).

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With over 25 years of experience, our team of experts are looking forward to discussing all of the super robot options we can help put on your production line. Representatives at RobotWorx can walk you through the whole process of buying the right robot, while also offering proper training and product maintenance to ensure a smooth and effective delivery. We hope to establish a long term partnership as your robotic supplier. Contact us today at 740-251-4312.

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