Superior Quality Welds and High Density Machine Tending with the New ABB IRB 1660ID

ABB IRB 1660ID robot

ABB made sure to answer their customer’s requests and demands when designing the new ABB IRB 1660ID.  Late nights and intelligent minds came together to create a robot that would increase productivity, reduce cycle times, and deliver better work piece quality. According to Dr. Hui Zhang, Head of Global Product Management for ABB Robotics, “The ultimate goal was to create a superior robot that produced consistent quality in arc welding, as well as offer a fast, agile and reliable machine tending solution.”

Their dream and hard work became a reality with the new 1660ID. The desired outcome was not only achieved, but achieved with overwhelming success. 

Customer’s demands have truly been answered with the new, incredibly fast, and ridiculously agile ABB 1660ID robot. As mentioned, the ABB 1660ID was designed for highly accurate, fast, and repeatable path movements for customers seeking unrestricted accessibility to gain maximum productivity.

It is one of the most versatile robots in its mid-size class and can produce quality arc welding and reliable machine tending, especially for high-robot-density work cells and/or confined spaces. 

In addition, “As a direct result of close collaboration with our customers, the IRB 1660ID also includes a new generation of accurate, efficient and reliable motors,” adds Zhang. “We spent a great deal of engineering effort making the robot as rigid as possible to better protect it, and to equip it for the confined spaces in which it is designed to operate."

These powerful motors, combined with the compact and powerful IP67 wrist, can help reduce cycle times by up to 10%. Also, ABB‘s TrueMoveTM technology, combined with the new motion process “Accuracy mode,” can provide +/- 0.05 mm path repeatability for exceptional welding results. 

We aren't done yet...Today’s quality demands in arc welding applications require heavy weld guns and better control of the wire feeder to secure high quality products at high volume production.

The IRB 1660ID provides all of the aforementioned and more!  Quality arc welding is ensured through its improved wire feeding control to guarantee high volume production. Also, heavier, more advanced, torch guns can be lifted as ABB made sure the 1660ID had a stronger, more rigid, upper arm lifting up to 6 kg. These traits all help the IRB 1660ID boast superb accuracy for high quality welding and easily tackle machine tending in confined spaces. 

The IRB 1660ID's compact and hollow enabled the integration of the DressPack. This helps predict the cable movements and allow it to maintain maximum acceleration and speeds without worrying about any cable damages or tangles. Additionally, the DressPack requires less floor space and brings a 50% maintenance reduction cost.

All of these features make the IRB 1660ID the perfect robot for working in tight spaces or the answer for high density cells. The integrated DressPack combined with the robust, compact wrist design, enable the production of high density cells to simplify reorientation and to enable better accessibility. These cells can help to maximize output as they operate with unparalleled reliability, while also providing top quality parts.

Safety is also taken care of with ABB’s RobotStudio software which helps to envision safe robot movements. This creates a safer environment, while also reducing the risk of collision, all of which enables the continuance of max speeds and accelerations at all times, ultimately giving you more bang for your buck.

As you can see, ABB truly answered the needs for a versatile robot that is a top quality arc welder while also tackling machine tending with ease.  The ABB IRB 1660ID was truly thoughtfully designed and will be perfect for your production line. At RobotWorx, customer satisfaction is key, so we offer a warranty and offer free training on every robot purchase.  Contact RobotWorx online or give us a call to talk to our experts about how we can help you integrate a 1660ID today; 740-251-4312.

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