Take a Ride on the KUKA Coaster!


KUKA is literally flipping the robotic industry upside down and turning it round and round! If you haven’t already experienced it, the KUKA Coaster needs to be the seat you sit in next. The new generation of robot-based amusement rides proves to the world that the KUKA brains behind the robots aren’t all about work, they also like to play!

Forget the old roller coaster where the track shows you your next move; the KUKA coaster, takes the passengers on a huge thrill ride filled  unknown- every second offers a new direction, a surprise sharp left turn, and then, flip!  Of course the ride wouldn’t be as thrilling without amazing sound and light effects that complete the integration of all of your senses. Not ready for an extreme ride? No worries! The KUKA coaster offers thrills at all levels, so all riders are welcome! Take a look and ride along virtually with this video! 

The KUKA Coaster has been seen in indoor and outdoor environments, such as parks, family entertainment centers, shopping malls, and science centers.  With multiple Kuka coasters in the same arena, you could even experience themes such as robot ballet, medieval jousting tournament, or other creative ideas!

It is the first robot to be licensed to carry passengers and all of it’s structural components and gear are 100% certified.  Since robots have been around for a long time, scientists have been able to develop and set-up loads of safety measures, such as mechanical stops and continuous electronic monitoring. So you can expect nothing but safety to hop along for the ride next to your your fun and adventurous spirit! 

This appears to be just the beginning of the great robotic coaster adventure! Developers are quickly integrating fascinating concepts to further enhance the KUKA coaster experience. Some of these products are even in the prototype and will be seen in the not too distant future.

For instance, developers are seeking to add the fourth dimension to robocoaster users, bringing the experience to an even more intense experience by stimulating the skin by blowing wind to simulate high speed travel. A mobile trailer concept is in progress that will have a 3 hour set up time to create the ability to take your coaster anywhere and everywhere! Want to feel what it is like to rocket launch into space? A "tower full of power" is in the works, keeping passengers on their toes with unlimited 6-axis motions while blasting into “space.” Finally, a robocoaster dome that is stationary, yet mobile, and most importantly weather independent could help add an element of mystique by enabling laser shows, fog, and even lightning to the ride. 

We never fail to be impressed with KUKA's ability to integrate and produce an amazing product that always succeeds at satisfying the needs (and adventures) of the next generation. The KUKA coaster truly is the perfect entertainment option to put…anywhere...and to entertain…anyone!  We can't wait to see what additions come next-Giddy up!

If you are interested in learning more about the KUKA robots at RobotWorx or any of the traditional industrial robots available from the companies, contact RobotWorx, a certified integrator for FANUCMotomanKUKA, Universal Robots, and ABB. Our staff will work with you to help you design and build the best robotic system for you and your facility. 

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