The ABB IRB 6640 Cleanroom Robot


Necessity is the mother of invention. As the solar panel industry grows, robot manufacturers are building creative answers as seen with ABB 's transformation of the IRB6640 into a clean room robot; ready for tedious solar panel jobs. Solar thin film production is tedious and exact - semiconductors, electrical layers and glass must be carefully fused. This requires clean handling in a clean environment. The size and weight of solar panels make robot automation an obvious match for this industry.

The IRB 6640 cleanroom robot has been certified by the leading institute in clean room industry (IPA) and has been thoroughly tested and packed to ensure a minimum of particle generation during service. It has passed all tests and fully meets the stringent class 5 CR specs. The 6-axis ABB IRB6640 robot also meets the thin-film PV (photovoltaic) class cleanroom standard.

Furthermore, the ABB IRB6640 is protected with three coats of paint - primer, white paint, and a clear top layer. Screws and panels are safeguarded with plastic and then painted and the wiring is also protected with a cable carrier. Additional removable covers are also used to further protect other screws and panels, enabling proper transportation and the prevention of worn areas.

IRB 6640 remains the perfect robot for various applications focusing on high production capacity. The standard IRB 6640 has a large payload, increased path performance with the second generation of TrueMove and QuickMove, easier installation, maximum availability, and simple maintenance. Additional features of the ABB IRB 6640 incldue high speeds, short cycle times, easy programming, and the ability to synchronize with external devices.

The ABB IRB 6640 clean room robot will help to improve productivity by lowering manufacturing costs and subsequently raise production output while achieving high quality products and almost improving workplace healthy and safety. If you are interested in a clean room for solar production or the likes, contact RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312.

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