The KUKA Milling 8 kW Solution

Jun 7, 2010

The KUKA Milling 8kW application module comes with everything necessary for top quality robotic milling. The Milling 8 kW solution comes with a robot, controller, tooling, mounting kit, software, and cabling. IT can work with a wide range of robot models including the KR 60 HA, KR 100 HA, KR 240-2, KR 500-2 MT(F).


Sim­pli­fy milling with an all-inclu­sive KUKA appli­ca­tion mod­ule. The Milling 8kW comes with every­thing you need for top qual­i­ty robot­ic milling results: robot, con­troller, tool­ing, mount­ing kit, soft­ware, and cabling.

Milling Robot:
The Milling 8kW mod­el is designed to work with any of the fol­low­ing pre­ci­sion-dri­ven robot mod­els: KR 60 HA, KR 100 HA, KR 240-2, KR 500-2 MT(F). An advanced KR C2 edition2005 con­trols the sys­tem.

KUKA’s appli­ca­tion mod­ule is equipped with a HSC (high-speed cut­ting) spin­dle with a pow­er of 8kW. The tool­ing is intend­ed for milling rigid foam, wood, or plas­tic mate­ri­als. The Milling 8kW mod­ule includes a spe­cial mount­ing kit for the spin­dle as well as air and water sup­ply lines.

KUKA’s milling spe­cif­ic robot soft­ware allows for quick, straight­for­ward programming. 

As a KUKA Offi­cial Sys­tem Part­ner, Robots​.com has the resources and know-how to inte­grate the Milling 8kW to fit your needs. Con­tact the sales team online or at 8777626881.

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