The New KUKA KR C4 Robot Controller


KUKA brings a revolutionary controller to the automation game with the control system of the future, the KR C4. The KR C4 is a powerful, intelligent, safe, and more flexible controller that can bring a scalable application potential and more to your production line. It is truly a pioneer for the automation industry as it has seamlessly integrated Robot and Motion Control with control processes for PLC, CNC, and Safety.

The KUKA KR C4 also brings cost reductions in integration, maintenance and servicing, while also increasing long-term efficiency and flexibility of the systems through all of the following advantages.

Flexible Control:

The KUKA KR C4 is the uniform controller for all KUKA robots ranging from the low to high payload category. It's open architecture enables it to control KUKA robots and external axes. By taking advantage of current, open technologies such as Gigabit Ethernet and multi-core architecture, KUKA Robotics has created a robot controller that is compact, affordable, and durable. Even the software is structured differently - with all the components sharing a database and infrastructure. KUKA brings to the table its newly developed, ground-breaking, clearly-structured system architecture that creates open and powerful data standards. This allows all integrated controllers – from SafetyControl, RobotControl, and MotionControl to LogicControl – to have a joint database and infrastructure to use and share intelligently.

Energy Savings:

The new energy management system reduces energy consumption of the controller to be reduced up to 95% in standby mode.

Powerful Design:

KUKA chose durable components and a well-designed cabinet to help guarantee a reliable operation even under extreme conditions. Safety, robot, logic, and motion control are all combined in a single controller. Secure data exchange measured in milliseconds forms the basis for new safety concepts in human machine cooperation. It understands its own robot language KRL and also CNC and PLCs, enabling it to communicate directly to your Siemens or Rockwell controller. Additionally, the database and infrastructure are shared, enabling a simpler and more powerful automation product. KUKA has done a phenomenal job with creating a superior product with the KR C4-based automation solutions, providing simple and flexible robot programming via inline forms and new Spline motion programming.

Better Performance:

The KR C4 has a high run-time performance and a high-end Soft PLC option that allows full access to the entire controller I/O system. This enables the I/O handling of the robot, a complete robot cell, or even a line of multiple robots. Furthermore, variables such as axis positions and/or velocities can be read and processed via function blocks. The performance benefits don't stop there. The KUKA CNC control option provides for the ability of direct programming and operation of KUKA robots via G-code. This helps process complex programs from CAD/CAM systems while providing a high degree of accuracy. All of this technology coordination helps to simplify the integration of robots into an existing CNC environment.

Increased Safety:

The safety controller is integrated into the control system without any proprietary hardware. Communication of the safety functions are implemented via Ethernet-based protocols while also enabling the dual-channel operation required for safety applications, all using multi-core technology.

Versatile and Reliable:

The KUKA KR C4 controller can work with different mains voltages and types, and in extreme environments such as cold, heat, or humidity. It also speaks 25 languages and meets all globally relevant ISO and US standards.

KR C4 Variants:

All five variants of the KR C4 are superior in every form. They provide the customer with different options for optimal integration into a specific automation environment. All of the different types of the KR C4 controller enable all requirements, such as stackability, protection against dust, humidity and other influences, to be taken into account. The four other variants are listed below:

KUKA KR C4 Compact:

|Size: 271 x 483 x 460 mm|

|Protection Rating: IP 20|

|Weight: 33 kg |

|Axes: 6+2|

KUKA KR C4 Smallsize-2:

|Size: 615 x 580 x 540 mm|

|Protection Rating: IP 54|

|Weight: 60 kg |

|Axes: 6+6|

KUKA KR C4 Midsize:

|Size: 1160 x 792 x 558 mm|

|Protection Rating: IP 54|

|Weight: 160 kg |

|Axes: 6+2|

KUKA KR C4 Extended:

|Size: 1600 x 842 x 562 mm|

|Protection Rating: IP 54|

|Weight: 240 kg |

|Axes: 6+2|

KUKA Smart Pad Teach Pendant

The KUKA Smart Pad Teach Pendant can operate all KUKA robots and KR C4 controllers. It makes operating robots simple as it has simple operatur controllers with jog keys and 6-D mouse. It features well -lit 8.4 screen with an intuitive user interface and user friendly design. It has a low weight for extra comfort and enables direct saving and loading configurations via the USB port. A 6D mouse and on board USB port provide new ways to interact with a teach pendant. The smartPAD also includes keys and a large touch screen display.

It if the teach pendant isn't being used, it can simply be unplugged during on going operation. The portfolio of KUKA software solutions covers nearly all application to help meet nearly every customer requirement.

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The KUKA KR C4 is the perfect solution for anywhere on the globe where high-performance control systems are required. If you are interested in learning more about robotic controllers and the KUKA KR C4, contact RobotWorx representatives online or reach them at 877-762-6881.

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