Why Choose Small Industrial Robot Arms


It is always important to select the correct industrial robot arm to tackle your job on the production line.  Some jobs require larger robots that are built to provide more stability and reach. They can lift heavy objects and span larger distances. On the other end of the spectrum, small industrial robot arms are more appropriate for tasks with lighter payload and compact work envelope needs. 

If the parts/products lifted weigh less than the 20 kg, and the distance traveled is less than 1300 mm, your best solution is a small industrial robotic arm.  Small industrial robot arms are ideal for assemblymachine tendingpick and place,dispensing, and many other applications. They are used in a variety of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and electronics to food and packaging. Small industrial robot arms will improve your production line in a variety of ways. 


Generally speaking, small industrial robot arms are less costly than larger models. Reconditioned models provide even greater savings opportunities. RobotWorx carries a wide selection of new and reconditioned smaller robots from major manufacturers such as Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA.

Versatile Mounting:

Small industrial robot arms are lightweight and compact, so they can be installed in a number of different locations: ceiling, wall, tabletop, shelf, floor, etc. This allows for more creative and space-efficient workcell designs.


Smaller robots provide exceptional speed, repeatability, and precision. They help companies cut cycle times and increase overall productivity.

Interested in learning more about small industrial robot arms? Contact RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312. Our experts look forward to working with you to figure out how we can best help you improve your production line with industrial robot arms. 

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