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FANUC R-30iA Mate Controller

Product Information

The compact R-30iA Mate controller is built on the reliability of the standard FANUC R-30iA controller. However, the mate offers flexibility as it is available as a rack mount that fits into a standard 19" electronics rack. This controller offers huge benefits such as increased up-time,  fast start up time (less than 1 minute), and a quick restart when necessary. In the event of a power failure, the robot has already memorized its movements. This resume hot start function enables for a safe restarting and the immediate continuing of production without re-doing the whole movement. Upon restarting, the program checks whether the robot has moved out of tolerances to avoid unexpected movements and/or collisions. There is minimal maintenance requirements as there are a small number of components, all with quick access. 

The R-30iA Mate makes robot programs simple to download and/or upload and its I/O uses electrical signals allowing the robot to control grippers and other external tools.  All of these attributes are useful in climate-controlled applications such as food lab, pharmaceutical, medical, and educational settings.

The R-30iA Mate interfaces with the standard FANUC iPendant for easy programming. The iPendant is a color, Internet-ready teach pendant.

As an additional option, there is iRVision available.