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FANUC R-30iB Open Air Cabinet Controller

Product Information

The FANUC R-30iB Open Air Cabinet is an ideal unit for a variety of smaller robots, including the M1, M2, M3, and LR Mate robots. This compact unit is a self-contained, powerful controller that is built for a wide range of environments. It can work in an office, while also being able to function in dirty or humid environments as well.

This open air cabinet version of the R-30iB controller can actually be rack mounted into another cabinet if need be, or it can be stacked when used for work cells with multiple robots. This saves a lot of space, without sacrificing the power and productivity of the unit. Air can circulate within the controllers electronic components, as it has an external air filter, so it may not be the best choice for a factory with dust or contaminants circling around. 

It has beneficial options such as upgrading to an iPendant or adding a variety of vision software options.