How Can Industrial Robots Improve My Profits?

Businesses of all sizes now understand that robotic automation is a highly cost-effective and efficient way to improve profits. There are a lot of ways to save money in a manufacturing line, but here we will explain how industrial robots address the biggest ways to save you money.

No matter what application you are trying to automate, industrial robots decrease waste, provide a quick return on investment (ROI), improve space-efficiency, increase product throughput, and enhance the safety environment.

Decrease Waste:

Industrial robots perform applications with precision and consistency, saving valuable materials and reducing waste. The precision that robots bring creates fewer mistakes on the production line, providing a higher quality product and loyal customer base, while also reducing the costs associated with waste removal.

Quick ROI:

Some are hesitant to even entertain the idea of purchasing a robot because they think it will cost too much. It is an investment, but one that pays off! Industrial robots offer a very fast ROI with their efficiency and reduced need for breaks, vacation, or sick leave. Industrial robots work continuously and help reduce overhead on your production line.

Also, there are alternatives to cut the costs associated with buying a robot. Robots.com offers used refurbished robots and customized systems to help alleviate initial costs, while not sacrificing robot quality or efficiency. We are able to extend the life of an industrial robot by performing an extremely rigorous reconditioning process that involves inspection, repair, testing, cleaning and repainting. We stand by our reconditioned products by including warranties and every robot system comes with the Robots.com Value Package.


Bringing flexibility and space savings to the floor, industrial robots can fit into confined spaces and can be installed on shelves, pedestals, walls, ceilings, or on rails. Collaborative robot environments can also help optimize floor space by reducing the need for extra fencing. Though there are some limitations to perform some applications by these robots, it is part of the future of automation.

Improved Throughput:

Robots help bring greater profits by reducing part cycle time. There is no denying that an industrial robot can perform tasks at higher speeds, lift heavier products, and perform more precise applications and movements. It is important to identify which steps in your process are the most beneficial to automate. Redundant and hazardous work takes a lot of time, effort and energy and integrating a robot can easily remove bottlenecks in your manufacturing line.

Enhance Safety:

Industrial robots take over dangerous and dirty work. They reduce worker exposure to fumes, sparks, arc glare, or dust particles. They decrease the amount of injuries and health problems to employees by handling those heavy-to-lift products or tools, and remove the worker from unsafe applications and environments.

Why Choose Robots.com:

Manufacturers across the globe are realizing automation is necessary to remain competitive and keep up with customer demands. Robots.com offers top manufacturers such as Fanuc, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, KUKA, and Universal Robots. Our ability to supply and integrate more than one brand allows more options to our customers and a larger inventory to quickly fulfill your automation needs. We also offer new and reconditioned robots, pre-engineered and customized systems, and robot parts.

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