What Does RobotWorx Do About Robotic End Of Arm Tooling?

The quality of your robot end of arm tooling (EOAT) is closely tied to the performance of your robotic system. At RobotWorx, we are committed to providing quality end of arm tooling solutions that increase safety in the workplace, improve the overall productivity and efficiency, and quickly boost your ROI. Our experts are equipped with 25+ years of knowledge and experience to help guide you to the most perfect EOAT for your system.

There are a variety of different types of EOATs available. It is very important to choose the best EOAT for your system in order to get the most versatility and functionality. This is usually decided based on the power consumption, size, complexity, weight, and requirements of your production line. Most end-effectors are available in angular and parallel style and are actuated electrically, hydraulically, mechanically, or pneumatically.

Robotic End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) Categories:

  • Gripper: There are many different gripper styles. These EOAT options grasp products. Friction grippers use force to pick up an object, while encompassing grippers act like a basket to pick up a product.
  • Vacuum Cups: These tools handle objects using suction.
  • 3-Jaw Chucks: This tool is used to produce cylindrical parts. The outside jaw has a concave grip, and the inside jaw helps hold the workpiece tightly. A three jaw chuck has a clamping range from 2-30 mm.
  • High-Speed Spindles: These rotating tools are used to hold and drive cutting tools.
  • Cylinders: Attach these EOAT if you need compressed gas or air - welding applications will utilize these attachments.
  • Drills: Creating holes is fast and easy with automated drilling tools.

RobotWorx has the industry experience to find the right robotic tooling for your project at a low cost. The engineering staff at RobotWorx builds customized application solutions for every robotic system.

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