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Motoman DXM100 Controller

Product Information

The compact Motoman DXM100 robot controller is a full-featured controller in a much smaller cabinet. Ideal for stacking or placement under conveyors, the DXM100 is often used in applications that involve small payload material handling or palletizing. It offers all of the same features that the full-sized DX100 controller offers in a smaller package.

Up to eight robots can be controlled through the small, lightweight DXM100 teach pendant. This pendant features a Windows CE interface and color screen, all of the control buttons, and a unique cross-shaped navigation cursor which helps to reduce teaching time and improve productivity.

The DXM100 also includes high-speed processing, INFORM III programming, and four levels of password protection. All operator controls are located on the pendant, allowing for the remote mounting of the control cabinet. This controller eliminates the need for a separate PLC, HMI, and password protection hardware, creating a significant savings at the system level. For even more protection, there is a maintenance with reducer status check function to help enhance trouble shooting and alarm recovery. 

Also worth checking out is a new and powerful controller that Motoman has recently released, the DX200.