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Motoman MPK2F
MPK2F Information

The Motoman MPK2F is a 5-axis, high performance robot.  Ideal for high speed picking and packaging of food and consumer goods, the Motoman MPK 2F is sure to increase your production.  The Motoman MPK-2F has a 2kg payload, 900mm horizontal reach, and comes with the advanced FS100 controller.  

This MPK2F robot has an IP67 rating, and is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation for food applications.  Able to be mounted on the floor, ceiling, or wall, this robot is very versatile.  If you are looking for a safe robot to handle food products, this may be the perfect robot for you.

Robot Specifications
Axes: 5
Payload: 2kg
V-Reach 1625mm
H-Reach: 900mm
Repeatability: ± 0.5mm
Robot Mass: 72kg
Mounting: floor, wall, ceiling
Robot Motion Speed
S-Axis 320 °/s (5.59 rad/s)
L-Axis 330 °/s (5.76 rad/s)
U-Axis 330 °/s (5.76 rad/s)
B-Axis 380 °/s (6.63 rad/s)
T-Axis 2000 °/s (34.91 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
S-Axis ±170°
L-Axis ±120°
U-Axis +282° - 102°
B-Axis ±150°
T-Axis ±270°
Robot Controllers
Robotic Applications
Meat Processing Automation
Order Picking
Pick and Place