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FANUC Dispensing Robots

FANUC dispensing robots are high-quality and versatile enough to fit every shop's needs. FANUC dispensing robots are accurate, efficient and will increase productivity in the workplace. The FANUC F-200iB, one of the several FANUC dispensing robots available, has a compact size that increases application versatility in any shop, and the product is easy and quick to set up. For more information about this FANUC dispensing robot, along with others in the FANUC dispensing line, contact us today!


Reach: 700mm Payload: 3kg

Reach: 700mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 856mm Payload: 3kg

Reach: 711mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 704mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 892mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 550mm Payload: 4kg

Reach: 717mm Payload: 7kg

Reach: 1420mm Payload: 12kg

Reach: 1632mm Payload: 6kg

Reach: 1667mm Payload: 20kg

Reach: 1885mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 1735mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 1735mm Payload: 20kg

Reach: 1813mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 280mm Payload: 1kg

Reach: 280mm Payload: 1kg

Reach: 1811mm Payload: 20kg

Reach: 2009mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 1662mm Payload: 20kg

Reach: 1662mm Payload: 35kg

Reach: 1368mm Payload: 6kg

Reach: 951mm Payload: 2kg

Reach: 1706mm Payload: 45kg

Reach: 1893mm Payload: 70kg

Reach: 1706mm Payload: 70kg

Reach: 3123mm Payload: 12kg

Reach: 3110mm Payload: 20kg

Reach: 2606mm Payload: 45kg

Reach: 2050mm Payload: 50kg

Reach: 1900mm Payload: 70kg

Reach: 1900mm Payload: 50kg

Reach: 3103mm Payload: 280kg

Reach: 2655mm Payload: 360kg

Reach: 3704mm Payload: 400kg

Reach: 1932mm Payload: 60kg

Reach: 2383mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 2613mm Payload: 7kg

Reach: 2800mm Payload: 30kg

Reach: 2308mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 2800mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 0mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 704mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 892mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 2483mm Payload: 200kg

Reach: 2650mm Payload: 210kg

Reach: 2655mm Payload: 150kg

Reach: 1520mm Payload: 170kg

Reach: 2208mm Payload: 200kg

Reach: 2470mm Payload: 220kg

Reach: 1346mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 1605mm Payload: 12kg

Reach: 1716mm Payload: 165kg

Reach: 2643mm Payload: 165kg

Reach: 2757mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 1346mm Payload: 6kg