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FANUC Tig Welding Robots

Companies looking for a more accurate way to weld should look no further than FANUC TIG welders. FANUC TIG welding robots are the highest quality. These robots eliminate human error and maximizes the speed and accuracy of production. The FANUC ARC Mate 120iC is designed for precise, high-speed welding and cutting. The 120iC provides accuracy and consistency due to the simple construction of the unit. The FANUC TIG welding robot features the highest motion speeds in its class, which will enhance and improve your company's productivity. Call us today to get more information about the FANUC 120iC, along with the other FANUC TIG welders we have available. 


Reach: 1368mm Payload: 6kg

Reach: 1373mm Payload: 6kg

Reach: 951mm Payload: 6kg

Reach: 1420mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 1542mm Payload: 16kg

Reach: 1667mm Payload: 20kg

Reach: 1885mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 1813mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 717mm Payload: 7kg

Reach: 856mm Payload: 3kg

Reach: 856mm Payload: 3kg

Reach: 892mm Payload: 5kg