ABB Releases the Single-Arm YuMi

ABB is excited to announce the release of a new family member to the YuMi series, the Single-Arm YuMi. This robot brings the same levels of precision and flexibility to production lines, especially the small parts assembly. It was also designed to be super easy to learn and train, making integration a breeze.

ABB Releases the Single-Arm YuMi

ABB 14050 Single Arm Yumi Robot

ABB is excited to expand its collaborative robot profile with the release of the single-arm YuMi, their most agile and compact collaborative robot yet. Offering a 500g rated payload and integrated gripper with vision and vacuum, the single-arm YuMi will

Lightweight and Flexible

The single-arm YuMi is an ultra-light magnesium (9.5 kg) arm, making it ideal for versatile mounting options including ceiling, table, and wall mounting. It is also compact and flexible, making it easy to incorporate into current production lines bringing incredible precision to all.

Furthermore, it can rotate on seven axes to mimic human-like movements even more so than the traditional 6-axis robots. The YuMi family of robots can even be combined to work together to increase flexibility or used as an extra arm when more complex assembly tasks are required.

These attributes of the single-armed YuMi can help reduce entry barriers for new robot users and fit the resources of small and medium enterprises.

Best-in-Class safety

The single-arm YuMi can easily be integrated into any production environment. It has best-in-class safety design making it ready to work directly next to human workers without safety barriers. There is also a PL d Cat 3 Protective stop and emergency stop when necessary.

Small Parts Assembly

Single-armed YuMi works at a great level of precision and was specifically designed to meet the production needs of small parts assembly processes such as consume electronics, consumer goods, and small and medium enterprises.

Programming Made Easy

Robot programming is made easy with the lead-through options where workers can quickly teach the robot the necessary motions and positions.

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