ABB Robotic Software Boost Productivity

ABB has designed a software that helps increase the productivity for your industrial robot automation system. The software solution is called RobotStudio and it enables users to conduct training, programming, and obtain optimization results without interruptions.

ABB Robotic Software Boost Productivity


ABB’s priority is to boost their customers’ productivity and to decrease the total cost of owning and operating a robot. This led to the development of a family of software products to support every stage of the robot life cycle.

If the user’s goal is to maximize return on investment for robot systems, offline programming is the way to go. ABB’s simulation and offline programming software enables robot programming to be completed on a PC in the office while continuing production. This software is entitled RobotStudio.

RobotStudio allows the user to perform tasks such as training, programming, and optimization without interrupting production, which increases the profitability of the system due to risk reduction, quick start-up, and shorter change-over.

RobotStudio provides realistic simulations using real robot programs and configuration files. It is built on the ABBVirtual Controller, an identical copy of the real software that runs the robots in production.

RobotStudio and RobotStudio PowerPacs are available for download, and can be used in a trial period for 30 free days. The ABB website has a “How to use it” section on their website which assists customers in getting started in just 30 minutes. There is also a “Blog” section enabling users to stay up to date with RobotStudio as well as share content and ideas.

The application software packages are available for the following applications: arc welding, assembly, cutting, die casting, packaging, plastic, spot welding, press automation, machining, and machine tending.

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