ABB Robotics – for the small to medium sized welding operation

If you are a small to medium sized buisiness that is looking for the perfect welding solution, than look no farther than ABB Robotics. ABB provides users with industry leading robotics to help increase the overall productivity of your production line at an affordable price.

ABB Robotics – for the small to medium sized welding operation


ABB Robotics, one of the leading robotics companies in the industry, offers several industrial robots that perform dozens of applications. However, some of their most popular robots are their industrial welding robots. These robots are affordable and marketed toward companies with small to medium welding capabilities.

One of the keys to ABB’s industrial welding robotic popularity is the economical price of their robotics package, and everything that is available with that package. It includes a robot, controller, power supply, wire feeder and welding gun. According to a press release from ABB, the industrial welding robot system was designed to respond to the demand from their small to medium size metal fabrication and welding shops. These shops needed industrial robot welding packages that were user-friendly and could deliver superior quality welds for the right price.

The integral part of the welding package is the industrial robotic welder, the IRB 1410. This compact robot has an extensive reach for its size and is able to handle a 5kg payload with up to an 18kg supplementary payload.

The release states that it has low noise levels and minimizes wear and tear, which cuts down on maintenance for the unit. This industrial robot welder also has a high repeatability, which ensures quick and accurate welds every time. Along with the robot, ABB also provides a compact controller that is has an ease of use, even for less experienced users.

Like many other companies with industrial robotic welding systems, ABB strives to continue innovating and bring products to the table to improve welding in the industry.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for welding robotics companies like ABB, has several new and used industrial welding robots available for customization and purchase in our Marion, Ohio facility.

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