All the right applications in Byron Center, Michigan


There are several manufacturers in Michigan that make products for one or two industries or provide a few processes for those industries. Every once in a while though, a manufacturer offers many different applications and products to a plethora of industries. In these cases, robotic automation is even more helpful than ever before. With the need to change up production lines to cater to different processes, manufacturers find that robots have the flexibility to make changeovers quite a bit easier.

Mayville Engineering Company Inc., or MEC, located in Byron Center, Michigan, is one of those companies that seem to be able to do it all. The company provides products for many different industries, including the agricultural, construction, commercial vehicle, power sports, recreational vehicles, military and other industries. Their products include metal fabricated parts, tubing and coatings.

So, how can robots help companies that can seemingly “do it all” for their customers? Well, that is easy – robots can perform every application for the manufacturer. From assembly to coating to laser and plasma cuttingrobotic systems can do the job. This saves manufacturers time during production by speeding up cycle times. Robots also use less material during processes, so manufacturers have to use less product during their production, which also saves money. With improved quality and productivity, products get out to consumers at a faster rate, and the company may see enhanced profits – all stemming from robot automation.

Where should manufacturers looking to automate in Byron Center, MI go if they want top quality robots from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers? RobotWorx, that’s where! RobotWorx in Marion, Ohio is a certified integrator for several different robot companies, including KUKAABBFANUC, Universal Robots, and Motoman. We have access to hundreds of new and used robot models to fit any application or budget.

For more information, contact RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312.

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