ArcTool Software

FANUC has created an application software to help enhance arc welding applications called ArcTool. ArcTool was designed to be easy to load and configure, enabling an easy setup and operation of your FANUC robot arc welding system. For more questions or to begin the integration of the ArcTool software, contact RobotWorx experts today.

ArcTool Software

FANUC Arc Welding Industrial Robots

RobotWorx offers ArcTool Application software for FANUC as a recommended option for arc welding applications. This recommended option helps increase the productivity and quality of your Arc Welding application. The ArcTool application software was designed with simplicity in mind; it is easy-to-load and pre-packaged to match the robot configuration of your specific setup. It provides the user with a unique process solution to robotic arc welding requirements, including the standardizing of the setup and operation of FANUC robot arc welding applications.

This program ultimately helps the operator easily program the robot with its built-in arc welding functionality and point-and-shoot position teaching. The teach pendant is very easy to use with its common welding terminology. It also offers full functionality with a large display for full view of welding process setup, operation, and trouble-shooting including diagnostics, status reporting, and error recovery information.


  • The operator has full control over the welding process.
  • The instructions for arc welding are written in easy to understand words, rather than coded commands.
  • There is “plug and play” simplicity with Lincoln Electric’s PowerWave 455, 350, or STT power.
  • Multi-tasking capability helps to decrease execution time and enables control of external devices usually controlled by a programmable logic cell controller.
  • The Arc Process and motion control improves weld process quality with the ability to look ahead, ultimately resulting in faster arc starts and enhanced productivity.
  • Power fail recovery capability that recovers data in the event of a power loss.
  • Configurable with all major brands of welding equipment and can interface with most types of servo driven or indexing positioners.
  • To further help increase arc on-time and cycle speeds, there is the advanced servo control, TurboMove, which allows quick and smooth point-to-point motion.
  • There is independent control of up to five motion groups to help support overlapping motion of servo controlled peripheral devices.
  • To help reduce arc start faults, there is a scratch start function with an automatic recovery process.
  • The arc and weave schedule data can be entered directly at the instruction or in an easy-to-use schedule data table, provided with the most appropriate level of flexibility for their needs.
  • Positional data can be hot edited to enable program position adjustment while production is running. This leads to even further robot uptime and part throughput.
  • There is also an “on-the-fly” feature that allows the changing of weld process data while the program is running production. With this, operators can fine tune process data on-the-fly, increasing the quality of the weld without any downtime.
  • To help speed up troubleshooting and repair, the I/O menu utilizes English labels on dedicated weld process I/O and peripheral device control I/O. Also, the voltage, current, and wire-feed speeds are displayed in large characters on the teach pendant to allow more flexibility in weld equipment placement.To further help improve weave performance and weld ability and quality, there are sinusoidal, circular, and figure 8 weave patterns.


There are a variety of options available with the ArcTool application software package. A few of these options include Data Monitor, Cycle Time Logging and Display, Fault and Incident Reporting, and Email client.

Example pictures below are credited to FANUC Robotics.

Data Monitor:

A very simple user interface that allows easy setup and customization. It is a data acquisition system that provides functionality to sample, monitor, and record data. The data monitor is useful for analyzing the current feedback for through arc Seam Tracking (TAST) applications. It allows up to six items to be sampled at one time including I/O, system variables, registers, and KAREL variables. The data that is recorded can then be displayed on the iPendant and/or formatted into a data file that is easily imported into a spreadsheet program. The operator or PLC can also be alerted if a parameter goes outside its defined limits.


Cycle Time Logging and Display:

Able to provide motion, process, application, and fault times by tacking individual cycles and hourly averages. Multiple cycles can also be viewed on the iPendant to observe trends. The cycle time data can be saved to a text file for viewing offline.


Fault and Incident Reporting:

Helps to easily identify which faults are causing the most downtime by graphically displaying robot fault information. The viewing of a bar graph enables problem areas to be identified, showing the top five faults by incident, longest time, and total time, all during production.


Email Client:

Enables the sharing of information to specific user groups by email, pager, or text message. The robot can send production, downtime, or quality information by email that is initiated by a user or a specific event.

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