Arkansas – diversity in manufacturing

From desks to chairs, industrial robots are finding their way into the manufacturing world across the globe, as seen in Arkansas. A company called Virco Manufacturing has found that using industrial robots is saving them money and time.

Arkansas – diversity in manufacturing


The manufacturing industry in Arkansas is a diversity of different products and services. From specialty machinery to electronics to furniture and even steel wire, manufacturing in Arkansas is a smorgasbord for integrated robotic automation. There is some way for robotics to help and better enable all manufacturers in Arkansas to improve their production.

Everyone needs a place to sit, right? From chairs in the dentist’s office to that desk-chair hybrid in your child’s classroom to the desk chair you may be sitting in right now, every chair has to be manufactured somewhere – and some of them are made in Arkansas at a company called Virco Manufacturing. And, how could robotics help Virco and its furniture making processes? That’s simple – assembly and welding. Metal chair frames have to be welded, and one robotic system can weld as fast as four manual welders, and sometimes faster, saving the company time and money. The company can also save money by having robots to assemble the chairs and shoot screws in a more proficient manner.

But, furniture isn’t the only thing they make in the Arkansas manufacturing industry. They also produce tooling and manufacturing products for other industries, like Craft Manufacturing and Tooling, which makes aerospace manufacturing products. Robots can lend a hand to this company as well. Whether they are making medium-sized CNC machines or fabricating metal parts, robots can once again help with assembly and welding, along with material handling,and packaging. All in all, robots can help in almost any field of manufacturing in some way or another.

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