Automated Plastic Routing with Robots

When you are need of the perfect solution for your plastic routing, consider automating with industrial robots. Automating your routing production line means tool paths are controlled via CNC routers, increasing the throughput and decreasing costs.

Automated Plastic Routing with Robots


Instead of hand-held routing, tool paths can be controlled via CNC routers or robotic automation. This type of routing increases throughput and decreases costs for plastics manufacturers.

Fanuc-based robots are used in the RPT RoboTrim router trimming solution. Robotic Production Technology has created 15 models of the RoboTrim, including the RT-400, designed specifically for the plastics industry. The RT-400 is portable and can be used by thermoformers, injection molders, blow molders, and rotational molders. A servo-controlled table rotates the part while the robot is trimming, allowing each side of the part to be trimmed in a compact work cell. This model uses a Fanuc-based R-44A 6-axis robot.

The high reliability, improved flexibility, and enhanced safety are the key benefits to the RoboTrim routing solution. Robotic Production Technology continues to dominate the plastics market with new products such as the RoboTrim RT-400.

To solve the problem of machining plastic tops, Encobotics created a coordinated motion routing cell with quick-change tooling, called the Robo-Router. This plastics routing cell features the KUKA KR6 6-axis robot. The robot loads the plastic tops onto vacuum fixtures that are easily maintained for an extremely cost-effective application. The Robo-Router cut production time in half, eliminated scrap parts, cut the cost of processing, and enhanced the actual product.

Using robots from companies such as Fanuc and KUKA help eliminate unnecessary costs, as well as speed production times, for plastics routing because they have been proven brand names to design and produce some of the world’s best robots. RobotWorx is an authorized integrator of Fanuc, KUKA, Motoman, Universal Robots, and ABB robots and can help you choose the right routing robot for your needs. For more information about automating removal with RobotWorx, contact us today online or at 877-762-6881.