Automated removal robots working for the DoD

Automated material removal robots are working for the department of defense and providing great results. The U.S. Department of Defense are using the industrial material removal robots on their aircraft. All helicopters and tiltrotors are impact blasted to help remove the paint and automated robots help to reduce the risk of damage and increase the consistency of removal.

Automated removal robots working for the DoD


While robots may apply paint or coating to elements when they are being fabricated, there are also robots that automate the removal of those paints and coatings as well. This automated removal has been adopted by several industries, and even by the U.S. Department of Defense to use on their aircraft.

According to the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, almost all helicopters and tiltrotors today have composite main rotor blades that are sanded by hand, as well as impact-blasted to remove the paint, when needed. By using this manual removal process, instead of automated removal, there is an increased risk of damage to the blades because of lack of application consistency.

Also, the center states that the process not only lacks consistency, but costs a lot of time as well. It takes a crew 372 hours to complete the removal process on the V-22 Osprey, to ready it for the repair process, which only allows the crew to complete one aircraft a month for repairs.

By automating removal of the paint and coatings from the V-22 blades with a laser stripping system, the DoD would save $100k a year, as well as speeding up the automated removal process, allowing more aircraft through in that month timeframe. This will also greatly reduce the hazardous waste that can be generated during the process.

While the DoD is still testing this new robotic automated removal process, RobotWorx has several robot models available that can automate removal in several different ways. We have robots that sand, drill, route and mill, along with many other removal processes.

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