Automation with Alex Products, Inc. – Ridgeville Corners, Ohio

Aug 6, 2014

Alex Products, Inc. (API) is a tooling and automation company that looked to to help with its robotic integration. helped API integrate a Fanuc R-2000iA/210F robot with a RJ3iB controller. API has said that this robot purchase through has helped them reduce overall labor costs and increase the productivity on the production line.


When a com­pa­ny is already in the tool­ing and automa­tion busi­ness, there are times when it will need to pur­chase a robot. Alex Prod­ucts, Inc. (API) in Ridgeville Cor­ners, Ohio is just that – a tool­ing and automa­tion com­pa­ny. The com­pa­ny has been build­ing spe­cial machines that inte­grate robots from sev­er­al dif­fer­ent com­pa­nies, includ­ing Fanuc, Pana­son­ic, and ABB. These machines help to reduce cycle times and improve effi­cien­cy for manufacturers.

Recent­ly, API approached Robots​.com to pur­chase a Fanuc R‑2000iA/​210F robot with a Fanuc RJ3iB con­troller. The com­pa­ny had pur­chased at least one robot from a dif­fer­ent local inte­gra­tor in the past, but this time, they decid­ed to give Robots​.com a try. 

The robot they pur­chased will help their pro­duc­tion by elim­i­nat­ing up to two oper­a­tors per shift on a three shift oper­a­tion, accord­ing to Todd Wacht­man of API. He stat­ed that the qual­i­ty of the Robots​.com prod­uct was good, and it has giv­en con­sis­tent pro­duc­tion num­bers to the com­pa­ny. API was sat­is­fied with both the expe­ri­ence and the train­ing available. 

Wacht­man also stat­ed that API was sat­is­fied with both the cus­tomer ser­vice expe­ri­ence and the train­ing avail­able. He said he would rec­om­mend Robots​.com to oth­ers. You always deliv­er what you promise.” 

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