Benefits of Using Industrial Robotics

Recent developments in the robotics industry have made robots user-friendly, more intuitive, and affordable. With continued innovations in robotics, it is no wonder that robots are found in every industry sector and market.

Benefits of Using Industrial Robotics

The fact is, the cost of manufacturing labor has risen about 24% in the US since the 1990s, and it is only expected to rise as we continue to witness an ever-changing labor force. The industry is facing serious labor shortages, as less people pursue manufacturing jobs. It is common for people to job hop, creating a workforce reliability issues. The time when workers planned to stay with one company long term or maybe even an entire career are gone. These factors, and many more, make for a continued increase in labor costs and risks that companies will need to mitigate through robotic automation.

Recent developments in the robotics industry have made robots user friendly, more intuitive, and affordable. With continued innovations in robotics, it is no wonder that robots are found in every industry sector and market. Everything, from industrial manufacturing, food production & packaging and the medical field are utilizing robots to make their industry better.

With increased flexibility, robots are capable of performing a variety of tasks and applications. Robots allow for increased production rates, decreased cycle times and improved quality resulting in increased profit margins. With their ability to work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, up-time and machine utilization are improved as well.

Other key benefits of robots are their ability to work in environments where it may not be ideal for people. Robots eliminate dangerous jobs for people because of their ability to work in hazardous environments, when fitted with the correct equipment. They can handle toxic substances, lift heavy loads, and complete repetitive tasks. This has helped companies to prevent accidents and improve ergonomics while saving time and money by making a better working environment for employees.

In the medical fields, robots are used to perform intricate surgeries and treatments. Robots can more precisely operate and fit where human hands cannot, allowing greater accuracy and accessibility. The use of robots can often result in a less invasive procedures, with less pain and a speedier recovery for the patient.

The capabilities of robots make them a viable option for use in many industries. Their ability to be customized provides companies the flexibility to use them for a variety of tasks. The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) estimated that in 2017, there were around 2.1 million stand-alone industrial robots installed worldwide, with a shipment of 381,000 units globally. This market is expected to rise rapidly in the coming decade as more companies opt to automate their process and join Industry 4.0. Though the COVID-19 pandemic is sure to have an impact, whether it is a positive or negative, is yet to be seen. The market for industrial robot is expected to continue to see double-digit growth through at least 2021. Since 2012, the market has steadily increased at a record rate of 19% per annum.

The Future Is Bright

As we continue to enter a new era of automation, we will see many more advances and increased accessibility to this technology. In the coming decade, we will witness an increasing variety of robotic uses and applications, from articulated arms, delta, SCARA, collaborative and more, we can expect robots to fill just about every need. Robots will be designed with greater technical abilities and ease of integration. Talent will become more accessible, where robotic technicians & engineers were once a rare find, more and more people today are acquiring the training, knowledge and skills required to design, install, and operate these robotic systems.

It is clear, robotic automation is changing the world as predicted through the Industry 4.0 lens. It is no longer a question of if this technology will need to be adopted, but when for many companies. Additionally, the questions of what are the benefits of industrial robots and how will they benefit your specific industry, will need to be answered. As a robotic integrator RobotWorx is here to help you find the answers. Contact us at 877-762-6881 or via email at [email protected] to consult with our applications specialists today.