Benefits of Welding Automation

Jul 7, 2013

If your production line is needing a better solution for your welding product, then consider automating it with an industrial welding robot. Industrial robotic welding is the perfect solution for solving human errors on the production line. Automated welding will perform the job quickly and precisely, while also increasing the product quality and decreasing the overall production costs.


Weld­ing is a per­fect appli­ca­tion to auto­mate with robots. Even skilled human welders still make mis­takes that impact prod­uct qual­i­ty and increase cost. Human labor also has lim­i­ta­tions in terms of how quick­ly a job can be pre­formed, which can increase prod­uct cycle time and cost.

In light of the lim­its of human welders, the ben­e­fits of weld­ing automa­tion are obvi­ous. Mod­ern weld­ing robots have very high lev­els of dex­ter­i­ty, mobil­i­ty, and accu­ra­cy. These attrib­ut­es allow a mod­ern robot to weld a com­plex part with mul­ti­ple weld­ing seams with a very high lev­el of qual­i­ty over and over. Mod­ern weld­ing robots can also be equipped with touch and vision sen­sors to per­form con­sis­tent high-qual­i­ty welds while mon­i­tor­ing the qual­i­ty of their own work. This allows near­ly every unit weld­ed to be qual­i­ty checked which is an impor­tant indi­rect ben­e­fit of weld­ing automa­tion. Nor­mal­ly, human qual­i­ty con­trol can only check small batch­es of prod­ucts and may miss errors on unchecked prod­ucts. Robots doing their own qual­i­ty con­trol would catch these errors or not even make them in the first place.

Advanced weld­ing robots like the Kuka KR-16, Fanuc ARC Mate, or Motoman MA1400 have extreme­ly adapt­able end-of-arm-tool­ing (EOAT) that can quick­ly change to dif­fer­ent kinds of weld­ing imple­ments. This ben­e­fit of auto­mat­ed welders allows few­er robots to do more kinds of jobs, decreas­ing over­all cost while increas­ing pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. Mod­ern weld­ing robots also have 5 or even 6 axes of move­ment, enabling them to reach to all areas of a prod­uct and per­form del­i­cate, com­pli­cat­ed welds. They are able to work at the same or high­er qual­i­ty of a skilled human welder, only more quick­ly. Weld­ing robots have made great strides in capa­bil­i­ty while keep­ing unit costs low, allow­ing even medi­um or small sized busi­ness­es to ben­e­fit from automat­ing their weld­ing oper­a­tions. Robots​.com is unique­ly equipped and qual­i­fied to help you find the right robot for your weld­ing needs. Con­tact Robots​.com today online or at 8777626881.

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