Benefits of Welding Automation

If your production line is needing a better solution for your welding product, then consider automating it with an industrial welding robot. Industrial robotic welding is the perfect solution for solving human errors on the production line. Automated welding will perform the job quickly and precisely, while also increasing the product quality and decreasing the overall production costs.

Benefits of Welding Automation


Welding is a perfect application to automate with robots. Even skilled human welders still make mistakes that impact product quality and increase cost. Human labor also has limitations in terms of how quickly a job can be preformed, which can increase product cycle time and cost.

In light of the limits of human welders, the benefits of welding automation are obvious. Modern welding robots have very high levels of dexterity, mobility, and accuracy. These attributes allow a modern robot to weld a complex part with multiple welding seams with a very high level of quality over and over. Modern welding robots can also be equipped with touch and vision sensors to perform consistent high-quality welds while monitoring the quality of their own work. This allows nearly every unit welded to be quality checked which is an important indirect benefit of welding automation. Normally, human quality control can only check small batches of products and may miss errors on unchecked products. Robots doing their own quality control would catch these errors or not even make them in the first place.

Advanced welding robots like the Kuka KR-16, Fanuc ARC Mate, or Motoman MA1400 have extremely adaptable end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) that can quickly change to different kinds of welding implements. This benefit of automated welders allows fewer robots to do more kinds of jobs, decreasing overall cost while increasing productivity. Modern welding robots also have 5 or even 6 axes of movement, enabling them to reach to all areas of a product and perform delicate, complicated welds. They are able to work at the same or higher quality of a skilled human welder, only more quickly. Welding robots have made great strides in capability while keeping unit costs low, allowing even medium or small sized businesses to benefit from automating their welding operations. RobotWorx is uniquely equipped and qualified to help you find the right robot for your welding needs. Contact RobotWorx today online or at 877-762-6881.