Building big in Lafayette Indiana

Like many members of the Rust Belt, Indiana communities have had manufacturing come and go The help of robotic automation has enabled companies in Lafayette, Indiana to remain competitive and consistently produce high quality products. Industrial robots increase the quality of a welding job and provide better accuracy.

Building big in Lafayette Indiana


Like many members of the Rust Belt, Indiana communities have had manufacturing come and go over the years. The same could be said for Lafayette, Indiana. These companies are keeping a foothold due to high quality products, many build with the help of robotic automation.

Things are built big in Lafayette, especially at the Wabash National Corporation. Wabash builds trailers for semis and railway cars for trains, along with several other products. These larger products need major welding and fabrication time. When companies run up against heavy or large object welding, robotics can play a key role in making sure the products are finished quickly and accurately. A robot welding system can perform the welding job of four manual welders, with more accuracy and less time. These robots can only increase the quality of these trailers and other structures.

Another large product manufacturer in Indiana, Caterpillar, which is based in Lafayette, produces several large machinery products like articulated trucks, asphalt pavers, backhoe loaders, etc. Many of these products are used in the construction, transportation and agricultural industries. Once again, when it comes to manufacturing this kind of equipment, robots can be helpful. Robot material handlers can put together smaller internal components with finesse, while cutting robots can cut out the necessary parts to fabricate the machine, as well as using the robotic welder for stronger welds. All in all, companies that fabricate bring machinery, like Catepillar, could use robots to improve their productivity.

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