Car Manufacturing Made Easy with Universal Robots

Car manufacturing production lines can be greatly improved with a collaborative solution from Universal Robots. Universal Robot collaborative arms offer reduced production time, compact and space savings, and an extremely fast set-up time and deployment.

Car Manufacturing Made Easy with Universal Robots

Universal Robots great for car manufacturing

Automotive production lines can now move to the fast lane with a collaborative robot arm from Universal Robots. Universal Robot collaborative arms bring numerous advantages and great value to all stages on the production line within the automotive and aerospace industries. Here are some of the great benefits that a UR arm can bring:

  • Reduced production time on the assembly line
  • Compact, offering great space-saving options
  • Easy to re-deploy to multiple applications without changing the production layout
  • Extremely fast set-up time, only about half a day
  • No traditional added costs
  • The fastest payback in the industry- around 195 days!

A Universal Robot arm can be used in the robotic car manufacturing systems just like any other car manufacturing or automobile robot. They are incredible successful in all types of environments that depend on high quality and precision. These applications include engine foundries, laser-cutting rigs, forming presses, molding machines, and packaging and palletizing lines. These Universal Collaborative robot arms can also be used in screw driving, assembling, labeling, handling, and quality control scenarios.

However, a huge benefit is that any of the three different collaborative robot arms can easily be integrated onto existing automotive production environments. These amazing benefits and flexibility are demonstrated with a real-life Universal Robot project summary.

Universal Robots was recently very successfully with installing their systems into a Swedish contract manufacturer, LEAX. LEAX produces drive shafts, main shafts, input and output shafts, drill bits, industrial gearboxes, and complete propeller shafts for heavy vehicles. In the past, they would have to move machinery around in the factory in order to find the best flows. They were ready to switch to a more flexible program, that was easier to set-up, program, and that used their space more efficiently. LEAX manufactures a variety of items that require small volumes or up to 100,000 units. This means that they not only require, but expect, quick execution and focus. After discussing their options, the LEAX Group went with three UR10 robot arms for changing bits within a shaving machine, and also for loading and unloading two gear-cutting machines with a three-fingered gripper.

The beauty of their purchase of the three UR10 robots is that if they choose to stop manufacturing a certain product, these arms will be able to be used with new and different applications. So, LEAX was able to get all of their desires and more as they continue producing a variety of products efficiently now and also as they move into the future of unknown production items. Overall, the flexible UR robot was able to successfully optimize production, use of space, and enable agile manufacturing for the future.

If you desire more information about these wonderfully flexible Universal Robot arms, contact RobotWorx representatives for more information and to find out which robot is right for automating your tasks. Experts can be reached online or at 740-251-4312.

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