Clinton Township, MI molding and metal industries

Michigan has a wide range of companies who use industrial robots to help boost their production lines. Clinton Township, MI has several manufacturers using robotic automation for metal works and electronics repair. All of these businesses who have turned to industrial robotic automation are experiencing all of the benefits that robots bring to manufacturers.

Clinton Township, MI molding and metal industries


Michigan has a long history of manufacturing, and Clinton Township, MI is no exception. There are several manufacturers in the area that are keeping that tradition alive today with the help of robotic automation. There is a diversity of manufacturers in the area from molding companies to metal works to electronics repair, and all these industries can benefit from industrial automation.

The Parker Group Inc. is a great example of a kind of company that could think outside the box and use robotic automation for its services. The Parker Group, located in Clinton Township, is an electronic repair company. With the ability to put a steady “hand” to their work – steadier than a human worker – robots are ideal for making repairs, especially repairs to small and fragile electronic parts.

Another industry that should take advantage of the robotic automation boom is the plastics and molding industries. Eclipse Mold of Clinton Township, makes molded parts, as well as making the molds. These plastic car parts are used in cars all over the country. Robotic material handling can help here as well. A robotic material handler can lift parts out of molds and move them as necessary. They can also debur unsightly edges off of the work piece to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

For a company dealing in sheet metal like Greene Metal Products, it makes sense to have a robotic cutting system on hand. With a cutting robot, sheet metal can be easily cut into the shapes needed at a faster rate than a manual laborer can perform. This saves the company time, which also saves them money.

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