Copper, Bronze, Cement and Concrete – manufacturing in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, Alabama has a variety of industries that are benefiting from the integration of industrial robots. Companies like Cemex and Alabama Copper and Bronze are using industrial robots to increase their productivity and improve the safety environment on the production line.

Copper, Bronze, Cement and Concrete – manufacturing in Birmingham, AL


Diversity is key when attempting to keep companies afloat during difficult economic times. While some companies only specialize in one product like metal or iron, there are others that branch out to handle other materials in their related field, which expands their customer base. This is true with Birmingham, Alabama companies like Cemex and Alabama Copper and Bronze. Because they are versatile, they are able to stay competitive. The other advantage that companies can use to stay ahead? Industrial robot automation.

Companies like Cemex, which specializes in cement, concrete and aggregates, are able to use robot automation in their everyday work processes. There are robots that can tend the mixing machines, robots that can measure out the amount of product going into each bag, and robots that can handle and load bags of concrete and cement onto pallets for transportation. With the help of industrial robots in each of these areas, a company like Cemex could save money on labor costs, as well as improve on the amount of product going out to customers.

Other companies like Alabama Copper and Bronze can use robots in a completely different way. Since copper and bronze working is done in high temperature environments, manufacturers can employ robots to increase the health level of their workers. Workers that are exposed to high temperature environments day after day tend to get sick and be off work longer than those who do not work in harsh environments. By using robots for these processes, Alabama Copper and Bronze could move workers away from the harsh conditions, which would maximize their productivity, while also decreasing downtime for the production line because of the robots ability to work with ease in harsh environments.

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