Cutting Pork Sides with KUKA Meat Processing Automation

KUKA meat processing automation helps to bring a higher quality cut of meat for the customer every time. A KUKA meat processing robot can continually produce the same cut every time, with reduced wastes and errors. It is easy to see how integrating a KUKA meat processing robot onto your production line will improve the overall productivity on your cutting line.

Cutting Pork Sides with KUKA Meat Processing Automation


Precision is very important when it comes to the process of cutting meats, like pork and beef. Each part has to be cut a certain way, or it can ruin the aesthetic of that piece of meat and cause it to be marketed in a less expensive product. KUKA Robotics has developed an automation system for cutting pork sides that improves the cost effectiveness of the meat processing, as well as producing a higher quality cut of meat for the consumer.

Many times when meat cutting and processing is performed manually, there are many errors that can cause the meat to become a lower quality cut. This is not an issue for KUKA meat processing automated cutting systems. These systems are able to continue long cuts, like carrying out the cut along the backbone of the pig, according to KUKA Robotics. Not only does this improve the cutting technique, but it recovers 3 percent more bacon during the process, which increases the amount of product the company can sell.

Another advantage to cutting pork sides with KUKA meat processing automation systems is that you get a higher quality of meat, as mentioned above. The cuts are made quickly, and since they are pre-cuts, the entire side of pork remains together until it is time for through-cuts and packaging. This protects the meat better until packaging occurs. Also, KUKA stated that their cutting robots are able to execute the process better without the film of grease or ground-up particles typical in manual cutting systems, which means a product that is cleaner and has few contaminates, something that is so important when dealing with fresh food.

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