Elevated Safety with ABB Deburring Robots

​ABB deburring robots will not only bring increased speeds and productivity to your line but also increased safety. The deburring robots by ABB bring elevated safety by taking over the dangerous and tedious tasks. The ABB deburring robots can accomplish the same work without worrying about inhaling dangerous dust particles or chemicals.

Elevated Safety with ABB Deburring Robots


One of the best attributes of any industrial automation is the speed they bring to the production line. This is definitely the case when it comes to ABB deburring robots. However, speed is not the only benefit that comes with ABB Robotics flexible deburring automation. These ABB robots also offer the benefit of elevated safety during the application process.

Speed is one of the most attractive advantages when it comes to an ABBrobotic deburring system. Manufacturers want to get the deburring process completed at a faster rate so they can get products out to customers faster. However, with the help of an ABB robot deburring system, they can speed up their production without having to sacrifice quality for their products.

Another advantage of a deburring robot from ABB is the increase in safety that a robot brings to the process. Some deburring applications take place in extremely hot or cold conditions, which can be hazardous for human workers. Even in temperate factory climates, human workers could be put in harm’s way during the deburring application. While separating the burrs from the metal or plastic work pieces, shards and particles are flung into the air, and these small particles could be breathed in by workers, causing respiratory issues that could be severe. ABB robotic deburrers do not have these problems, and they are able to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- improving production uptimes and cycle times with just one robot.

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