European Robots

ABB Robotics is a Swedish-based company and KUKA robotics German based. These companies have become experts at providing industrial robots to people across the globe. KUKA and ABB robots serve a wide range of applications from assembly, painting, and palletizing.

European Robots


The robotics industry has a many companies that work in different areas, like the manufacturing, medical or food markets. While many consumers may believe that these robots come exclusively from Japan because of the Japanese-owned brands like Motoman and Fanuc, many robots actually come from Europe.

KUKA Robotics is a German-based company that has been around for more than 100 years. Granted, the robots are not a century old, but their welding capabilities are. KUKA makes several different kinds of robots in Europe, including robots a wide range of robots with many different payload capacities. These European robots are able to weld, handle material and remove materials.

ABB Robotics is a Swedish-based company that has been producing industrial robotics for forty years. This European robotics company serves many different markets with its robotics, including the automotive, plastics and pharmaceutical markets. Like KUKA robots, which serve similar markets, ABB robots can perform many different applications, like assembly, painting, and palletizing, just to name a few.

Both of these companies have produced hundreds of thousands of robots that work in factories all over the world. That is why both of these European robot companies are able to stand toe to toe with other robotics companies and stay relevant and competitive in the market year after year.

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