Fanuc welding uses multiple robot arms to weld automotive parts

​Fanuc robotics has created multiple solutions in the automotive industry that help to solve automation problems. Fanuc welders help to construct automobiles and other products using specific positioners and parts that help complete the automation process.

Fanuc welding uses multiple robot arms to weld automotive parts


Fanuc, an industry leader in welding robotics, has engineered Fanuc welding equipment in the automotive industry for years. Not only do Fanuc welders help construct automobiles on a production line, they also weld together separate automobile parts.

One Fanuc welding system uses two Fanuc M-20iAs as the positioners while two Fanuc ARC Mate 100iC robots weld the piece. This Fanuc welding system is used to weld loose brackets onto automobile exhaust systems. The positioners find and pick up loose brackets and the Fanuc welding robots weld the brackets into place.

These Fanuc welding robots have many advantages. The M-20iA’s are flexible enough to load parts onto the part assembly, while also positioning and coordinating the welding, improving the quality of the welds.

The Fanuc M-20iA is also compact, with high speed throughput and 0.10mm repeatability. The Fanuc ARC Mate 100iC is a high-speed welding robot with an extremely large work envelope.

The ARC Mate 100iC Fanuc welding robot produces high-quality welds, while also conducting the quality control and self-inspection of the parts using their vision capabilities.

The speed of this system enhances the productivity of the line by decreasing the cycle time between products. The Fanuc welders also increase the quality of the welds, which improves the quality of the product.

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