Food packaging with the Fanuc M-430iA series

The Fanuc M-430iA robot helps tackle the food packaging industry tasks. The M-430iA produces products at a faster rate, helping to decrease food spoilage and save companies money. Furthermore, industrial robots in the food packaging industry improve the precision of food packaging, ensuring the safety for the customers.

Food packaging with the Fanuc M-430iA series


The food industry has begun to rely heavily on industrial automation in the last few years. Robotic packaging systems, like those found in the Fanuc M-430iA series, allow for food to be packaged at a faster rate, which cuts down on food spoilage and saves companies money on wasted food. These robots also improve the accuracy of food packaging, which helps to ensure the safety of consumers.

One issue when working with food in an industrial setting is that it needs to be packaged and on its way to the consumer as fast as possible. If the food sits too long, it could become contaminated or spoiled, and it would have to be thrown away. With the use of Fanuc M430iA series robots, this is no longer a large problem for the food industry companies.

The M 430iA series has a coating that allows it to work with food, including primary food handling. It can withstand the harsh chemical spray down that is necessary to wash robots that handle food all day, especially when the line may change products, which is something that happens often in the food industry. This keeps customers safe from ingesting contaminated food. But, the M-430iA has another way to keep consumers safe. It cuts down on worker error by ensuring that the right food gets into the right packages, through vision systems and touch sensors. This cuts down on consumers getting the wrong product, which could be a tragedy for someone with a severe allergy.

There are three payload variations in the M430iA series – the M-430iA/2FH, the M-430iA/4FH and the M-430iA/2PH. These robots can handle from 2-4kg payloads, and are also flexible enough to handle other applications like part transfer and assembly. This flexibility, along with the speed and accuracy, saves the manufacturer money on equipment, labor and waste.

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