Guaranteed Productivity Boost with the Motoman HP20D Dx100

The Motoman HP20D is a multi-purpose robot that can offer high-speeds and amazing performance for a wide range of applications. The HP20D can tackle packaging, press tending, welding, handling, machine tending, material removal, dispensing, and cutting. Integrating a Motoman HP20D on your production line will bring greater throughput, reliability, and increased inertia.

Guaranteed Productivity Boost with the Motoman HP20D Dx100

Motoman HP20D Robot

The multi-purpose Motoman HP20D brings high-speeds and superior performance in a wide variety of applications such as packaging, press tending, welding, handling, machine tending, material removal, handling, dispensing, and cutting. The fast speeds help to increase productivity, the compact design helps to improve part accessibility, and the reliability ensures a robust and rigid robot with increased inertia.


Any manufacturer wants a robot that is able to quickly and precisely produce a quality product. The fast axial speeds and acceleration on the HP20D help to reduce cycle times and increase production output.

Compact design:

There is little floor space required with the compact HP20D; this offers advanced part accessibility and a huge work envelope, one of the largest in its class. It has a 1,717 mm horizontal reach and a 3,063 mm vertical reach. There is also built-in collision avoidance features to help increase productivity and simplify programming when working with multiple robots.

Reliable production:

This industrial robot has excellent repeatability (+/- 0.06 mm) which provides the necessary precision, in addition to high moment of inertia ratings to help add power and reliability as it handles up to a 20 kg payload.


This robot is paired with the incredibly capable DX100 controller, which can control up to 8 robots and 72 axes. It is programmed through a Windows CE programming pendant with a USB interface. Fast processing speeds result in smooth operation and movements. The DX100 supports all major field-bus networks, including EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, etc. It also has an optional Category 2 functional safety unit.

Other Models:

The Motoman HP20D-6, is available as an optional long-reach version, for applications that require a larger work envelope. The payload on this version is reduced to 6kg to accommodate the longer reach of 1915 mm without sacrificing speed and performance. There is also a shelf-mount version available, the HP20RD, which is designed for injection molding and other applications. It boasts a 20 kg payload.

Overall, the HP20D series is able to maximize productivity while minimizing floor space, saving you costs and offering the best ROI.

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