How painting automation reduces hazards

Robotic painting helps to reduce workers from a hazardous work environment. They reduce the exposure to solvents, chemicals, and volatile compounds while also increasing the entire painting process, saving manufacturers time and money. Painting robots also help to produce a very high quality product.

How painting automation reduces hazards


Painting automation is one application that has been widely automated in factories throughout the world. By automating the painting application, manufacturers save time and money on their processes, while producing a high-quality product.

However, those are not the only advantages to switching from manual to automated painting processes.

Another reason to switch is the health and well-being of the workers that work in close contact with the painting application. Paints are made with a variety of solvents, chemicals and volatile compounds that emit fumes when being applied. These fumes can cause several different health problems for workers who come in contact with them.

Manual painters can develop skin problems, respiratory problems and issues with the brain that can lead to cancer and damage to the central nervous system – all because they came into too close of contact with the fumes given off by the paint. Automated painting to can reduce the exposure, putting workers behind the robots and out of harm’s way.

These fumes also can contaminate foods and beverages that are near a manual painting worker’s area. When workers later ingest these foods and beverages, the chemicals can then enter the body via the digestive system – yet another reason why it is better to automate painting systems.

While the fumes are bad for the body, there are other risks to workers as well. Industrial paints are flammable substances that can pose a fire risk to workers. Through paint automation, workers are kept clear of this hazard, along with the fumes that it may cause.

RobotWorx has several painting robots available for customization and purchase. These robots are able to work in all kinds of harsh environments, and paint fumes and chemicals are not a hazard to their health.

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