Improve Integration Capabilities with Motoman's MLX300

The MLX family continues to advance as seen with the MLX300 software. The MLX300 is an add-on to the DX200 and YRC1000 controllers to enable even better integration capabilities. Contact RobotWorx experts today to get started with the MLX300 software upgrade.

Improve Integration Capabilities with Motoman's MLX300

Motoman MLX 300 Software Programming

Programming Motoman Robots continues to get easier as the MLX Family continues to advance; seen with the latest member, the MLX300. The MLX300 by Motoman is a software add-on to the DX200 and YRC 1000 controllers that enables the same integration capabilities as the MLX200 and more. Used with Rockwell Automation Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), the MLX family (200 or 300) will help provide a simple and quick way to develop, train, and support your personnel once your staff has a good understanding of Rockwell Automation RSLogix software. Motoman’s MLX is an ideal solution for material handling, palletizing, and assembly applications.

The MLX200 is specifically designed to interface PLCs and Motoman robots where all control and programming is completed through Add-On Instructions on the PLC.

The advances in the MLX300 offer the ability to program, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot through the PLC interface without learning a separate robot programming language. It is the 3rd generation solution for environments requiring robots to integrate with PLCs.

This latest generation of the MLX family, helps to expand the capabilities of the MLX200 by increasing the number of robots supported, this includes all DX200 material handling robots and all YRC1000 GP-family robots. Furthermore, the MLX3000 provides support for the Functional Safety Unity (FSU) capabilities of the DX200 and YRC1000 controllers and does not require any additional servo drives or panels. Up to four robots or positioners can be controlled by a single MLX300 system. These robots would be non-coordinated.

Some other benefits of MLX300 include an easy to use library of function blocks and sample programs, full set of HMI screens that help to reduce system implementation time, and the fact that the motorman robot programming language INFORM, does not require a separate programming language.

The MLX300 provides a well-integrated environment that combines industry leading robot technology with the knowledge of the PLC programmer. Within the RSLogix 5000/Studio Logix Designer environment, Add-On Instructions (AOIs) are used to program the robots. Many algorithms, kinematic solutions, and tests have helped to reach and maintain an optimum performance standard.

It is now apparent that the MLX300 will be a great benefit to your production line. It provides an interface that allows users to deploy and support a broad range of Motoman robots, take ownership of their robotic applications, and to easily program and control of Motoman robots.

RobotWorx representatives have over 25 years of integrating software and hardware solutions into production lines. They are ready to discuss all of your options and design the perfect solution to fit your production needs. Contact the experts at RobotWorx today; online or at 740-251-4312.

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