Improving Manufacturing with Motoman Robots

Motoman robotics have been producing automation solutions for over 40 years. This long history of robot production is proof that their products will provide reliable and strong automated solutions for manufacturers across the globe. Motoman robots integrated onto a production line will save manufacturers time, money, and cut down on waste.

Improving Manufacturing with Motoman Robots


Motoman Robotics is a company that has been building industrial robotic automation for more than 40 years. Manufacturers choose Motoman Robotics because they know that the automation Motoman provides has a history of reliability, longevity and strength, and that by using Motoman robots, they will improve their manufacturing processes.

How does a Motoman robot improve production processes? Well, for one, they save manufacturers lots of money. Yes, the initial investment on a Motoman robot can be upwards of $75,000 or more, but these robots can work more quickly and efficiently than any human worker. A Motoman welding robot can work at the same speed as four human welders. That means that one robot can not only save time, but can also pay for itself in the first year, if not less time, through the money it saves manufacturers in labor costs.

However, that is not the only way that Motoman robotic systems are improving manufacturing. Motoman robots also cut down on industrial waste. By using these robots during material removal processes, material is cut in a more efficient and precise way, which means less worker error and wasted materials. Also, Motoman dispensing robots, like painting robots, use less material than a human worker, which saves materials, as well as cutting down on waste.

Overall, Motoman robotic systems are able to improve productivity for the manufacturers, while also saving them money, which is great for the company in the long run.

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