Improving Quality with Motoman End-of-Line Robots

Nov 25, 2014

​Motoman end-of-line robots are sure to finish your production needs precisely, with fast speeds, and with improved product quality. Motoman robots can accomplish a wide range of tasks such as welding, assembly, and material handling but it is the end of line robots that really get the job done. If you are considering the integration of a polishing or palletizing robot, contact representatives today.


There are so many appli­ca­tions that robots can per­form dur­ing the pro­duc­tion process. Robots weld, they assem­ble, and han­dle mate­r­i­al. How­ev­er, some of the most impor­tant robots can be found at the end of the pro­duc­tion line. Motoman Robot­ics has many robot mod­els that work the end of the line, improv­ing the qual­i­ty of every prod­uct they touch, and ensur­ing that the qual­i­ty is not tar­nished in any way before the prod­uct gets to its intend­ed customer.

Pol­ish­ing robots are part of the end-of-line team for Motoman. A Motoman pol­ish­ing robot is able shine up a met­al or plas­tic object, mak­ing it sparkle and gleam before it is pack­aged up and sent out into the world. This improves the aes­thet­ic appeal of the prod­uct, by mak­ing sure that there are no dull spots that would inter­fere with the con­sis­ten­cy of the product’s finish.

Anoth­er end-of-line robot is the Motoman pal­letiz­ing robot. This end-of-line robot may not nec­es­sar­i­ly improve the qual­i­ty of the prod­uct it manip­u­lates, but it def­i­nite­ly pro­tects the high lev­el of qual­i­ty that is already present. Robot­ic end-of-line pal­letiz­ers from Motoman are able to adjust their grip to inter­act with the unique tol­er­ance of each item being pal­letized, which means a soft prod­uct will not be gripped in the same way as a stur­dier prod­uct. This Motoman end-of-line robot sys­tem will also stack prod­ucts effi­cient­ly, to ensure that they do not shift or become dam­aged dur­ing transport.

All in all, these end-of-line Motoman robots are just as impor­tant as those at the front of the line, and they are def­i­nite­ly worth the investment.

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