Increases in Robotics

The industrial robot market has increased exponentially over the years as manufacturers are realizing the benefits of the automation field. Automating your production line can increase not just your productivity, but also the accuracy and consistency of your product. Industrial robots sales are increasing across the globe and have a very bright future.

Increases in Robotics


In the 1960s and 1970s, industrial robots were used mainly for painting applications, as well as some assembly and spot welding applications. However, throughout the 1980s and up through the present time, industrial robots have increased in the market exponentially, throughout many different manufacturing markets and beyond.

The automotive industry was the first industry to really increase the sales of robotics across the board. As the industrial robotics boom of the 1980s caught fire, factories all over the world realized that robots made it easier to assemble and weld cars, as well as applying the paint, coating and electronics needed to finish them off. So, companies increased the number of robots they had on their production lines, and some even automated their production lines completely.

Today, other transportation industries, like the railway and aerospace industries, have begun to increase the number of robots used in their factories as well. Railway companies realize that welding robots are able to decrease the amount of welding time necessary for freight cars, while increasing the quality of welding, making the cars stronger than ever before.

The aerospace industry is using robots for assembly purposes, but they have also increased the robots used for jobs like drilling and painting the aircraft because of their accuracy. Airplanes have to be constructed very precisely to ensure that they are safe for air travel. With robots drilling holes, those worker errors decrease. Also, painting robots use much less paint than their human counterparts, and they apply it more evenly, which gives the product a better aesthetic appeal. This saves companies money on materials, while increasing the amount of products they are able to put out on the market.

All in all, the increase of robots in the transportation industries, as well as other industries, has been a positive change for companies because they are able to save money without sacrificing quality or speed.

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