Industrial Robot Arms Throwing Sparks

Robotic welding arms are able to speed up the manufacturing process while also providing high levels of accuracy and precision. The benefits of a robotic welding arm will provide more consistent results on your production line when compared to manual welding. It is also possible to put multiple robotic arms on a system to help weld one or more parts at the same time.

Industrial Robot Arms Throwing Sparks


While there are several different applications that industrial robot arms perform, one of the main applications commonly used by several different manufacturers is welding.

Industrial welding robot arms are mechanical arms with 4-6 joints that are used to perform several different kinds of welding like arc welding and spot welding. These welding applications were once completely performed by humans, but with the introduction of industrial robotic arms, more and more industries have turned to automation.

The use of industrial robotic arm welders did not take off until the 1980s, when several different automotive companies started buying them up to keep up with the competition. With a robotic welder, a car can be welded and assembled at a much faster rate than when it was completely done by hand.

There are several advantages to using an industrial robotic welding arm, as opposed to manual welding techniques. These arms speed up production, as mentioned above. Some industrial robotic arm systems can have multiple arms welding on one or more parts simultaneously.

Along with speed, welding with an industrial robot arm also brings a level of accuracy and precision that cannot be achieved by a human arm. This unwavering ability to produce superior welds is one of the main reasons these welders are so popular.

By investing in industrial robotic arms, manufacturers can also reduce downtime. These arms do not need days off, breaks, lunches or vacation time. They can, in theory, run 24/7/365 until they need to be replaced or refurbished.

While they may throw a few sparks, industrial robot arm welders are definitely worth the investment.

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