Integrating material handling in your facility

‚Äč‚ÄčIntegrating material handling robots onto your production facility will help to decrease the tedious labor done by human workers and increase their safety. Automating your material handling production line will also help save on labor costs.

Integrating material handling in your facility

Much like the welding robots that preceded them, the integration of material handling into an already present production line can be a tricky task. Manufacturers have to examine each step in their material handling process and translate that to work with a robot, which is different from translating it to work with a human.

Many times, manufacturers may have to change their entire material handling production line around to work with a robotic integration. If these companies integrate without taking the material handler into consideration, the robots being integrated will most likely not be effective in increasing their productivity.

Once the production design is laid out, manufacturers must also consider how much safe workspace they have available for material handling integration. Even though material handling robots are being made safer than ever, with vision and sensors, there still needs to be a safe space between the operating robot and other workers on the line. The company also must have enough space for the robot to operate without damaging anything.

After all these things are considered, companies come to integrators like RobotWorx to plan out their system integration. RobotWorx can integrate Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA robotics. We work closely with our customers during the integration of material handling robot systems to make sure that all their needs are met during the process.

RobotWorx will produce the perfect material handling automation system for integration into your workspace. The system will increase your productivity, which will save you on production and labor costs, while also decreasing the amount of downtime from injured workers by taking over the tedious, back-breaking labor.

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