Keeping a shiny finish with polishing robots

Polishing robots increase the overall quality and productivity on the manufacturing line. Automotive production lines use polishing robots to ensure the cars get a shiny finish off the line. ​The industrial robot finish by polishing robots is important because it will improve the overall aesthetic quality of the product.

Keeping a shiny finish with polishing robots


Manufacturers today use automation for all kinds of processes in their shops. Of all the manufacturers that use automation, the automobile industry may be the most heavily automated of them all. They have robots that weld cars and assemble cars – they even have polishing robots to make sure those cars have a nice shiny finish as they come off the line.

Robotic polishing is important to car makers because they truly do finish a product well, improving the overall aesthetic quality of the product. A polishing robot can deliver a deliberate, clean and consistent shine to every part of the work piece. This cuts down on errors or flaws in the finish that can damage the value of the piece in the marketplace.

Also, robotic polishers are able to apply accurate and consistent pressure to the piece, where manual applications may apply pressure heavier in one area than the other, once again taking away from the consistency that gives the piece its flawless finish.

By automating their polishing applications with robotics, automobile manufacturers are able to keep up with their production rates as well. For example, one online article stated that Toyota produces around 1,546 cars a day. It would not be possible for human workers to polish all those cars appropriately in one day. While polishing over 1,000 cars a day may not be possible for a human, it is all in a day’s work for a robot that can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without needing downtime.

Overall, polishing robots save manufacturers time and money, as do several other industrial robots that work in factories worldwide.

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